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About us | Nextremum

We provide a wide range of services based on our data center network
About us | Nextremum
We provide a wide range of services based on our data center network
Why Nextremum
We are guided by modern methods and use advanced technologies in the design and operation of data centers. We assure you that your equipment is safe at our facilities.
Expand your presence into new markets. Cooperating with us, you get a reliable partner. We provide the usual high level of service in new locations everywhere.
New markets for your business
We focus on services related to the colocation of your equipment in the data center. It is something we are really good at.
Our data centers are the foundation upon which you can build and expand your business. At all points of presence, we provide your business with the best service.
Modern and reliable data centers
A transnational corporation or a daring start-up. No matter how long you've been in the business and what you've achieved, we will provide you exactly what you need.
Optimal bundle of solutions and products
Expand your possibilities, innovate and evolve with Nextremum.
We are a reliable partner
We use our best efforts to understand your business strategy and growth plans. We will always ensure the availability of resources to meet your business needs.
We offer flexible solutions
of customer-oriented approach
manage connections with your partners
Direct and quick access
for cross-connect installation
24 hours
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