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Frankfurt data center

TIER III data center in a strategically advantageous center of the most important telecommunications hub in continental Europe.
The data center was designed and built in accordance with the latest VDE standards. This guarantees a favorable environment for the development of innovations, a high level of electrical equipment and optimal technical conditions for accommodating various equipment.

The data center provides the ability to directly connect to a number of the world's leading providers and telecommunication providers.

The data center is equipped with an additional rack's sealing system, which significantly improves cooling efficiency and leads to a significant reduction in energy costs. The maximum efficiency of energy consumption is achieved due to the complete separation of "warm" and "cold" zones.


1 MW
m² total area
total power capacity
standard compliance
Infrastructure of data center
General Information
The data center offers high-tech space for equipment placement (colocation services) providing its customers with direct access to the largest European telecommunications hub and a total of 450+ network operators, Internet service providers, content providers and other telecommunications companies.

Besides, the data center is fully compliant with ISO standards. We ensure the protection of our clients' confidential data, a comprehensive approach to data security, taking into account all risks and a guarantee of compliance with all legal standards.
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